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South East Section
The aim of the section is to provide a convivial environment dedicated
to promoting the hobby of Koi Keeping in the South East of England.


Holland Koi Show
A Dutch web site, but the pictures need no translation.

British Koi Keepers Society
The British Koi Keepers Society was formed in 1970 for the mutual benefit of its
members interested in all aspects of keeping Nishikigoi commonly known as Koi.


Nishikigoi.TV is a new online video Koi magazine, bringing approximately 40
minutes of high quality downloadable Koi videos to your PC each month.


International Nishikigoi Promotion Center (INPC).
October 23, 2004, the Niigata Earthquake destroyed Yamakoshi Village and
other birthplaces of Nishikigoi. To extend a helping hand to the victims, we
established the Nishikigoi Protection Network.

The UK Koi Policy Unit
The UK Koi Policy Unit is a non-profit making organisation that has been set up
by a group of qualified individuals for the purpose of defining and promoting
good standards of koi husbandry in the hobbyist’s home pond and at koi shows.

Lincolnshire Fish Health
Lincolnshire fish health laboratories have been established since 1980.
The senior partner is Aquatic Patho-biologist Dr Paula Reynolds.
The company carries out research for the aquatic industry primarily in respect of diseases in koi.


The Newmarket Koi Group
The group was originally formed to disseminate knowledge on koi appreciation and
has now expanded to include other subjects. The most recent being ‘Water Quality’.
Seminars are put on to teach the subjects in an easy-to-understand format.

Koi Quest
More than just a koi forum, this site also features articles especially related to koi health
and physiology by Duncan Griffiths.  The Ultra Zone section is specifically for advanced
hobbyists discussing new original cutting edge experimental, trial treatments and surgical
techniques where koi health and pond keeping is taken to the next level

The Chemical Factory
Don’t pay “koi prices” for medications that are really only small volumes of watered down treatments.
Buy generic chemicals direct from Duncan Griffith’s new Chemical Factory website.
By definition that means they will be generically packed, labeled and will only say what the item is
and carry the relevant material safety data sheet.


Extreme Koi forum
A recommended forum where you can have your say or ask questions about all aspects
of koi keeping and get prompt informed comments or replies. If you have an emergency
you should go straight to the Extreme Koi accident and emergency section. The community
experts will give you quick and effective advice.


Popeye’s Koi Site
Popeye’s koi site is a Facebook group for anybody and everybody who loves koi - whether you are a dealer,
seasoned hobbyist, a new starter, or even if you have yet to fulfill that dream of digging your first hole
and buying your first koi.


Koi Carp
This Facebook group has been created to discuss, chat and share pictures and videos about
the special Living Jewels that are Koi Carp.