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I wrote the following articles for Koi Magazine.
Therefore they own the copyright but the Editor has given permission for them to be republished here.

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Reducing Nitrate - Remove ammonia from your pond without increasing nitrate levels

Understanding Buffering - Donít think of molecules, fruit is easier to visualise

Water Testing - An overview of parameters and what they mean

Water Testing - An explanation of test results and optimum levels

Understanding Hanna - Test report on the new Hanna HI 83203

Geothermal Heating - Can you heat your koi pond for free?

Tetra Series - A series of six short articles written for Tetra and published in Koi Magazine

Reverse Osmosis - A simplified explanation of how it works

Koi Security - Donít become a victim of Internet crime

Algae; The Future - Does algae promise any benefits for us in the future?

Points of View - A series of short articles giving my point of view on a range of subjects

Heating Koi Ponds - Explaining the facts, the myths and simplifying the maths of heating koi ponds