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Hanna Instruments have extensive knowledge and experience in the sphere of water testing instruments but, whilst their  electronic meters provide an accurate way to test and monitor water parameters in koi ponds, Hanna donít claim to be experts in knowing what those parameters should be.

Hanna asked me to provide them with information that they could send out with their equipment in order that their customers would know what water parameters are important in koi keeping, why they are important, what the values should be and what action should be taken if the parameters are outside the optimum range.

This booklet was the result of that process. It is supplied with Hannaís koi kit package (HI 83203K) and it is also now available on their website.
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I wasnít paid for providing the information nor do I make any money from its sale.  I didnít want to profit from this exercise, Iím happy to pass on the information to anyone who might benefit from it - thatís reward enough for me.

Hanna donít profit from it either, the small charge for the booklet just covers the printing costs and expenses.


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